May 092015

“Papa and Papa Veen” photo copyright Ursula Woody

“Papa and Papa Veen”
I love to create memories, passion, imaginations, horror, and fantasy in my portraits. What inspired me to create this photograph is because family means a lot to me. This photograph I took is my father and his first grandson, a couple of days after he was born. There are a lot of meaningful thoughts behind this image that I admire dearly.  My family and I were in sadness last year on January 15th. My brother and his girlfriend lost their first born that day. My parents had already planned a surprise baby shower, but never knew this would happen. I was in school when I heard my brother weeping on the phone. I felt heaviness in my heart. None of us knew weather the baby was a boy or girl. We wanted to be surprised. Now, we don’t want to ever know. This photograph gave me hope again, because a year later my brother became a father. My parents became grandparents. My little sister and I became aunties. I go home every weekend or every other weekend to visit, a six-hour drive doesn’t bother me. I am happy to see family smile and be together.

The visual message I like to share about this photograph is to ‘cherish every single moment that approaches.’

I used Photoshop mostly to create a dim saturation on the photograph because I wanted the effect of how this photograph draws you in a lot. I also lightened and darkened some areas. Cleaned up a few places on the photograph that looked distracting and added a sample of what my logo business might be.

I used my Canon Rebel XS and my lens is a 35mm. ISO is set to 400, Shutter speed is 250, aperture is at a 4.0, and my flash modifier is attached on top of my camera. I just had my camera and flash modifier to create this photograph. No poses were ideal. I took many different photo angles of poses that I visualized to be memorized. Most photographs came out the way I expected them too.

About the Photographer:
My name is Ursula Woody from Farmington, New Mexico. I am a transfer student at Northern Arizona University. Major is in Photography and my minor is in Japanese. To work with media equipment plays a high significant role for my background. I have worked with film, digital, and video cameras for years now. The subjects I find passion in is the genres of imagination, fantasy, horror, drama, suspense, artistic, and creative.  Why? I love to be creative on how individuals build their own world to stay in. Techniques I use come from music, movies, stories, and history tales. Because once I visualize and create my art, I immediately write down and make a list of what I need. My work comes from my mind, which often wonders off into wonderland. My goal as an artist is to show what I do for my work and be recognized by them. Who and what inspired me is a mad man known as Tim Burton. Burton’s art is very odd and detailed. Tim Burton is my inspiration.

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