May 112015

Photo copyright Thomas Miner

I was inspired to create this image from seeing this type of photo done before online. However, I wanted to try it with my own creative style and see what sort of image I could create. I wanted to show the natural beauty of my model, as she doesn’t always think she is pretty but she really is. One thing I had difficulty with was trying to find a good location and model. When planning this shot the most important thing was to have a model that is experienced and extremely comfortable with the photographer. I chose to go with a close friend of mine who has modeled for me in the past as my subject. The main reason why I picked her was because of her blue eyes, I think they are really piercing and defiantly provide a good example for the saying that the eyes are the windows of the soul.

To light this I wanted it to look like natural light so I used a flash and a white reflector underneath her face to give a very subtle fill light. The flash was on the lowest power as to not blow out the highlights in the face.  My setting were Shutter Speed 1/200 aperture f7.0 and ISO 800. I had difficulty getting the eyes tack sharp as the eyes are the main focus of this image. I used a Cannon 5DMkIII with the 70-200 2.8 lens at 125mm length. I chose this lens because of the beautiful bokeh that it produces as well as the compression that it creates in the background. I would have preferred to have used a 85 f1.4 however at the time I only had access to the 70-200. I am normally a Nikon D610 shooter so shooting with a Canon was a little odd. A problem I did have was when I went from inside to outside the UV filter on the lens was not tightened all the way to some air got inside and formed a nice hazy circle in the very center of the lens. This proved to be a huge headache as I had no idea what was going on until I looked closely at the lens. The hat on the model is what really draws the viewer’s eyes to the models eyes. I think that it defiantly complements the face and almost frames it.

About the Photographer:
My name is Thomas Miner, I am a freelance photojournalist who covers everything from weddings to landscapes. I been a photography for five years now and started my photographic journey my Junior year of high school. I have photographed the 2015 USA hockey national championships in Salt Lake City. I prefer to photograph people because I love meeting new people and hearing their stories. I feel that everyone has a story to tell, but they sometimes may not come off as someone who does but they really do. As a photojournalist it is my job to take everyday events and make them seem like something extraordinary. I really love color in my images, especially my landscapes. Showing the true color of the subject is very important in conveying the correct message.

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