May 152016

Photo copyright Megan Vey

“The Descending Sun”

Now, I know what you’re thinking “oh gosh, another photo of a sunset.” I do agree that photographs of sunsets are over done, but I also understand why they are so commonly viewed and photographed. There is just something so majestic about sunsets; maybe it’s the beautiful colors, or maybe it’s the feeling one gets from watching the sun sink below the horizon. Sunsets can provoke thoughts and memories within one’s self. Sunsets are often connected with relaxation because it is a time of day when everything starts winding down. I like to think of the sunset as more of a symbol. The sunset can be a couple different symbols; the ending of a day, the closing of a chapter, or the battle between good and evil (light and darkness). I enjoy finding symbolism in things; whether it is a book, a movie, or a piece of art. I love finding hidden meanings, even if the hidden meaning was not intended. It is kind of like unearthing another part of the story. Understanding a story without recognizing the symbols is possible; but knowing the symbols and their meaning makes the story that much more interesting. It is the same for a photograph. A photograph could be beautiful without a story or a meaning behind it. But, when a photograph tells a story or has a meaning it is just that much better. Of course not everyone feels that way and that is fine, that is just my opinion on things.

This photograph represents light and darkness. Observe the battle between light and darkness in the sunset and shadows, but also the clouds. Some of the clouds are white and some of them are dark grey. I have always enjoyed photographs that kind of play with the lighting. A photographer can create any mood by changing the lighting and playing with the shadows. This photograph could have turned out very different if I adjusted my exposure or added an additional light source in the foreground.

I took this photograph in Sedona, Arizona while I was off-roading with some of my friends. I am so glad we decided to go right before sunset, so I could capture this image. I shot this photograph with a Canon Rebel T3 using the normal kit lens. My aperture is a little higher so I could get a bit of a sunburst. In post processing, I enhanced the shadows to get a dark feeling from the photograph.

About the Photographer

My name is Megan Vey and I am a junior at Northern Arizona University. I am majoring in anthropology and minoring in museum studies and photography. One day, I would like to be a museum curator. I am minoring in photography because I do not remember a time when I did not love capturing a moment. I have always loved looking at photographs. My parents have framed posters size photographs of Yosemite National Park taken by Ansel Adams and I think those photographs play a role in why I love shooting landscapes. I also enjoy shooting wildlife and I occasionally dabble in studio portraiture. I think my love of adventure and traveling also play a role in why I shoot landscape photography. I like capturing what I see on my travels so when I print the images I remember what it feels like to be there. The photograph triggers a memory and I instantly relax with a smile on my face. That’s why I love photography; the freezing of a memory.

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  1. Great image, like the way you emphasized the sky, cloud, and sun!

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