May 222016

Photo copyright Kyle Erwin

Anyone can be a successful photographer, as long as they have a creative mind, the right eye to see something spectacular, and decent quality gear to assist.  The image here is a photograph of a normally hyper 10-month-old Golden Retriever named Kane.  Since he is still a puppy, he is often extremely hyper and never slows down.  I wanted to take this picture to show the true tranquility behind just about every dog.  If you have ever had a dog or been around one you know their favorite game, fetch.  I took this photograph shortly after countless hours of fetch when Kane finally decided to take a rest.

I love shooting wildlife and landscapes but fun photos are also of interest.  I have never really tried to photograph my pets so I thought I would give it a try.  Lucky for me, I happened to be at a right place at the right time with my camera out.  I think the look of exhaustion really gives to this photograph, along with the tennis ball so the audience can really get a feel of what made him so tired.  Golden Retrievers are often great family dogs and long companions of their owners, which is another message that I was trying to portray throughout this photograph.  I think the fact that he is laying down, and looking directly at me gives the message of trust and love throughout our relationship.

I shot this photograph mid-afternoon with a Nikon D7000, with a 55-300mm lens at about 100mm.  The exposure settings were 1/125 shutter speed with an aperture of f/5.6 and finally the ISO was set at 250.   I feel having such a tight frame added to the picture, which is why it is so close up.  During post processing I toned down the highlights and brought up the shadows in Lightroom.

About the Photographer:

My name is Kyle Erwin and I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona.  I became interested in photography at the age of 13, and have really enjoyed photography as a side hobby.  My favorite subjects to shoot are landscapes and wildlife.  I attend Northern Arizona University and am double majoring in biomedical sciences and psychology with a double minor as well in photography and chemistry.  I hope to have photography as a side job in the future, and also run my own website,  My long term goal for my future is being involved in the pharmaceutical field after college and med school.

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