May 102015

Photo copyright Jubran Mohammed

We have always parked our bikes and cars but today with the camera in hand I can see the parking space as a nice spot to click photographs. The parking space is full of clarity in the view. You can see the clear sky and it helps in generating enough light to take good photographs. A neat background with trees in the back also helps in bringing more life to the photographs.

I would like to place myself above an amateur and below a professional. I believe that learning is an ongoing process and thus it will take more time before I can stand amidst the truly professional lot. Photography needs experience and thus the more I keep gaining the more I will keep getting better. I would also like to mention that as I have moved a step closer to being a professional I see myself with immense information regarding the same and thus with time would keep updating my knowledge and reach a point where I can call myself a professional in the field of photography. Photography is a passion which for some holds a very close place in their life. Photography is a passion and an art which needs mastering and lessons of practicing will help me add more flavor to my own photography and will also make me feel a real performer in the field. I can add more lessons with gaining more experience in life and also by learning through my own mistakes in life. Photography is no magic which happens but is the magic which is created. The reason why it is an art is because it can be created and modified to an extend which are beyond ones thought.

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