May 282016

Photo copyright Wendel Navenma

I set out on this photo by trying to find a subject to shoot for window light for an in class assignment. I had scrambled around trying to figure out what I could shoot that would look good. I finally asked my boy, who is 4 years old, if he could let me take a picture of him. He was very excited to do this. This was also my first time that I had asked him to pose for me for a shoot. I captured images of him smiling when I told him to, and facing in different directions. This image shows the true emotions of how he was feeling, tired and grumpy. He just wanted to have it over with and go do something else. Thus, the reasons in which I chose this photo.

So the image, a portrait, uses the window light as my only source of lighting. I have taken a few portraits but still feel hesitant taking them, as portraits are a challenge for me. The image shows the raw emotion of my boy. I took quite a few photos of him. I had him look this and that way, to smile.  Like any child would, he began to get tired and no longer wanted to participate. He was ready to go play but I called him back and told him just one more then you can go play. He reluctantly agreed too. He was not taking any direction; he was done with all that. I asked him to smile and in return he made this face. What I get from the expression of his face is that he is telling me to be quiet, to stop telling him what to do and to just hurry up and take the photo.

The camera which I used is the Canon Rebel T3i with the 18-55mm kit lens. I shot this with an aperture of 5.6, ISO at 200, at 1/500 of a sec., and focal length at 36mm from an angle lower than the subject. For post processing I lowered the highlights, added some contrast, and added just a bit of clarity. Nothing crazy. I like to keep my edits as minimal as possible. I would have cropped the far right shadow out but felt it added to the image, it added some depth.

About the Photographer:

I am drawn to the idea of photography but have never jumped on it. Finally, I decided to take a couple of classes at Coconino Community College. I enjoyed it and I am now minoring in photography at Northern Arizona University. I am drawn to the outdoors, to nature, so this is what a lot of my work consists of. I enjoy that sense of freedom and calmness from the outdoors, away from that concrete jungle. I appreciate the little things in life that the natural world around us has to offer, things that some may tend to overlook.

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