May 162018

Photo courtesy of Guy Tal

Recently, I had a blast chatting about landscape photography, creativity, and more with photographer Matt Payne on his F-Stop Collaborate and Listen podcast. (Anyone else dancing to “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice right now? Oh, 90s music was so awesome…)

To read the introduction to our conversation, visit

To jump straight into the podcast, have a listen at:

I hope you gain some inspiration and new ideas for your photographic journey through our exchange!

Many thanks Matt for the opportunity to talk with you. Keep up the great work inspiring the landscape photography world through your podcasts.

  2 Responses to “Interview on F-Stop Collaborate and Listen Podcast”

  1. Just listened to your interview on F-Stop with Matt (which I subscribe to) I have to say Colleen it was completely enjoyable. You kinda blew me away with your willingness to share your personal thoughts and approach to not only photography but life in general. It is so good to hear personal, serious, and goofy (goofy in a very good way) thoughts and opinions from those who work hard, are not afraid of challenges, successes and failures, and believe in living life to the fullest. It comes through just from listening to you.

    Since last year I have wanted to make it to you and Guys Lens & Pens workshop. Going to keep on eye on the openings since I may not know until close to the workshop date. Please keep doing these until I make it to one! Ha!

    Anyway, thank you Colleen for being an inspiration to all of us who also would rather be rolling around in the dirt as well.

    P.S. To bad you weren’t around in the 70′s to help influence your music library :)

  2. Thanks much Brad, for listening to the podcast interview and for your lovely comments. You’ve made my day. I do hope our paths cross “out there” someday, hopefully at a future Lens & Pens! Until then, be well, be wild (and goofy!).

    P.S. I was born in 1975…close enough to the disco era to love it. :)

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